The media already talk about her as the new Leotta diletta, and that could include her ex -boyfriend. She is literally the substitute for the sports journalist: all Italy talks about her and in Spain they have related it a few weeks ago to someone very very famous. But how is the woman who could have fallen in love with Can Yaman? We present it to you.

Pero ¿quién no te va a querer enamorar a ti, criatura?

If I had to choose a Leotta diletta clone, the woman who was about to marry the world’s most famous actor, that would be Eva Gini. She has all the ballots to have fallen in love with Can Yaman: Very high, stunning, blonde, pretty and … sports journalist! come on, a quantity.

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Foto de Eva Gini dentro de un coche
Eva es la gemela de Diletta. Incluso en la profesión: ambas se dedican al periodismo deportivo.

Eva Gini, the woman who could have fallen in love with Can Yaman, has been related to this famous athlete

Now that Diletta is waiting for a offspring (a risery, rather), the national and foreign sports press has already sought a Substitute. And the truth is that, more than substitute, they have found his hidden twin.

Plano medio de Eva Gini con un balón de fútbol en su mano derecha
A Eva la relacionaron en marzo con Iker Casillas. ¿Habrá rivalidad entre el exportero y el actor?

Eva, who will turn 30 in November, Is a journalist. She currently covers large football games at the field: in fact, she was in Barcelona covering the classic on April 6, and is usual of the Champions League meetings. By the way, speaking of first level football, Last March was related to Iker Casillas, who could have had a romantic meeting, but it was never known again.

Why do we believe it is ideal for Can Yaman?

Because Eva is physically spectacular, as is dilatta and also like the actor himself, who takes care of his body to the obsession (he lives from him, after all). Having a Similar appearance, age and profession to those of the former interpreter help a lot. That, without counting that he was born, lives and works in Italy, the country that has welcomed Can with open arms. AH: And it has also come out (or so they say) with a footballer, like Leotta. Are made for each other!

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Foto de Eva Gini en bikini en una hamaca en Dubái
El físico de Eva es absolutamente impresionante.

What will happen? Only time will tell. Although there are also those who say that Demet Özdemir’s divorce has to do, and much, with which She has not overcome romance with her shooting partner in A dream bird. can Do you have something to tell us?

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