But what is happening here? That we met her yesterday as who says and there are already means venturing to talk about a wedding! Since the rumors of relationship have begun, we are waiting for the confirmation of any of them. Well, we have a reaction from Kerem Bürsin’s girlfriend to which it has been mounted.

Por escenas como ésta, Love is in the ai, censurada
¡¿Cómo que le has pedido matrimonio a Mehtap y no vuelves con Hande?!

The prota of Love is in the air is on everyone’s lips. Among the recent hernia operation of him and the discovery that he has definitely replaced Hande Erçel (although we have a theory that we tell you later) monopolizes all the holders of the specialized press. But we have been quite crazy to verify that Several Turkish media talk that they would have already promised and of course, this deserves a confirmation, a denial, something. At the moment, we already have the reaction of Kerem Bürsin’s girlfriend, Mehtap Algül, to the ink rivers that have been poured.

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Mehtap Algül, presunta nueva novia de Kerem Bürsin, en un medio plano en su cocina
Todavía no sabemos si están realmente prometidos. Tranquilidad.

A remarkable increase in followers on your Instagram account

In just four days, Mehtap Algül’s Instagram account has risen in several thousand (which does not surprise us, because in addition to the fact that we are crazy waiting for a photo of the two, a kiss, a silhouette, somethingoooo! ). So, to begin with, The media noise has come from Lujazo to the influencer to enhance the image of him, which after all is what he lives.

Kerem Bürsin’s girlfriend’s reaction to the discovery of his relationship

Well, here comes the fat. Since he has begun to talk about her, Mehtap has climbed three post -up your Feed of Instagram. Two of them are videos promoting products. But On April 10 is the one that has us very intrigued:

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post de Mehtap Algül en la que la vemos sobre una cama deshecha vestida con vaqueros de campana ancha, zuecos y camiseta de tirantes, y agarrándose el pelo
Claramente, las noticias acerca de su posible noviazgo le han venido estupendamente para subir seguidores.

At first glance, the truth is that what attracts attention is your look (I want those jeans, okay?). But have you noticed the bottom? Yes, friends: a marriage bed. An confirm without confirming, a saying without saying … that there is able. Kerem, salt if you are brave and tell us the truth!

post de Mehtap Algül en la que la vemos sobre una cama deshecha vestida con vaqueros de campana ancha, zuecos y camiseta de tirantes
Este es el único post no promocional que publicó tras relacionarla con Kerem Bürsin. ¿Qué nos quieres decir, Mehtap?

What is only a lantern?

And as promised is debt, we expose our theory about what is between Kerem and Mehtap. Or they had their relationship very secret or this is too fast if they have really promised, don’t you think? So he has given us to think: What if it is a lantern of Kerem to see if Hande leaves his millionaire boyfriend and poses a second part? Oh, hopefully that!

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