Demet Özdemir has planted face to Oguzhan Koç, his ex -husband. Although both still maintain official silence around their new marital status, he is very aware of the singer’s game in the networks and has decided to give Oguzhan the final answer. What will happen from now?

A Demet los numeritos de Oguzhan le están empezando a hartar.

The history of marriage and subsequent divorce of Demet Özdemir brings us along the street of bitterness. Not because it seems bad, much less, but because There is not a single day in which one of the two gives us reasons to analyze the little game that are brought. recently, Oguzhan released a rather direct indirect in networks, and Demet’s response has not been waiting.

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Demet Özdemir’s answer to Oguzhan Koç’s indirect on Instagram has been … on Instagram

As you saw last week, the singer stood in the living room of his house to see football with the phrase: “I’m not sad, I’m seeing Fenerbahçe.” Already the grace of sadness seemed regulinchis, but Who was at home with the zapatrachos that put on her wedding day must have been more than what Demet is willing to endure, so He won a sound and obvious Zasca.

What has been Demet Özdemir’s response? Well, the same: Photon with recoven. like him, come on. The simple phrase that accompanies one of the posts, “Breathe out”, suggests letting out the air after a tension period. Oh, friend, how we understand you.

Demet has gone to Greece on vacation. There he is, giving it all with his cocktail next to the pool. And he has not done it alone, as we can see in the photos. He has company and in sight is that it is not any company, since (look at the cushion to the left of the first photo and in the lower right corner of the second) Has left his mobile well in sight To imply that he has not caught the first person who passed by to make a selfi, but that someone, surely, is his new love.

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¿No lo pillas? Pues venga, ahí te dejo otro recadito, majete.

In short, it is Demet Özdemir’s response to Oguzhan to make him understand that yes, That he is already playing page and that he puts the batteries, because she is already in the next chapter.

Foto de Instagram de Demet Özdemir bajo el agua en la que parece estar dándole una respuesta a su exmarido.
También me hacen HACEN, HACEN fotos en la piscina. ¿Lo pillas o te lo explico con marionetas?

Will it be Engin or will it be umut?

It is quite evident that Demet is in love and happy, judging by the photos and poses he shows on his Instagram account. What does not end up being clear is who he is: Engin, his partner in Adim pharah , or umut evirgen? Patience, we keep investigating.

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