The Turkish actor, who is immersed in the break the wall, has done something with his fans for the first time. “I really wanted,” he said, after a unique experience so far, that we hope he repeats in the future and in Spain.

“Happy and excited to have met my fans during the event organized by the Mondadori Duomo bookstore, in Milan. A book that I really wanted to share with all of you: the trip that led me to be the man I am today, going beyond being an actor. ” Who expresses this is Can Yaman after the meeting held with his fans for the first time this weekend.

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Yes, yes: You have read well. For the first time. Because this time it was not the break the wall tour, but about the exit of his book, Sow Strano Anche A Me (I also think it’s strange), whose specimens he was signing in the bookstore Mondadori, in the Plaza de la Cathedral de Milan. How can it have taken so long to present your book with your audience, if the book was published in 2021?

Why this first time from Can Yaman with his fans has taken so long to arrive

Simple: Covid pandemic did not allow this type of meetings when he took it out, and between his filming and the break the wall Has taken a long time to be able to program something that the interpreter had been doing too much time. but it has finally been able to happen.

Fans de Can Yaman que por primera vez van a acudir a la firma de su libro autobiográfico, esperando la cola para hacerlo

The book is on sale in different online stores. By the way, at its market exit, there for November 2021, was delivered with a sample of the Can Yaman perfume. But Many Spanish buyers did not arrive the exhibition and showed their complaint. The happy perfume has given more than one problem, in fact.

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In short, now that that first meeting has already been produced, and After the mass bath that has been given, we have no doubt that it will repeat experience outside Italy to return to return to Promote it. In fact, as soon as the meeting announced the book was number 1 in sales. Therefore, it is quite likely to be encouraged to come to our country. You are already taking, can.

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