Hande Erçel’s next series could be a failure as happened with this series canceled before the end of the first season. We tell you.

Eda Yildiz, the Protagonist of ‘Love is in the air’ was recorded in our retinas as one of the Turkish actresses with the greatest projection and success of the Turkish Dizis, but there are those who point to the fact that The actress’s career could be inflated and result in a Failure interpreting her next jobs. We tell you.

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Hande Erçel’s failure that nobody knew in Spain

Of all the series that Hande Erçel has interpreted There is one that was a resounding failure . A blur in Hande Erçel’s career that very few know and threatens to impregnate the two projects in which Hande Erçel is currently involved.

fracaso de Hande Erçel

The Hande Erçel series that Was a failure of audience /Strong>, a series released in 2019 at the Turkish Kanal D and in which he acted alongside the actor Buğra GülSoy also known by the ‘my daughter’

There were high hopes in this series that intended to sweep a country where Dizis or Telenovelas, have Millions of followers chapter after chapter , but apparently ‘Azize’ did not convince and < Strong>Was canceled after issuing only six chapters.

And see that the argument was not bad: Azize played by Hande Erçel, she was a sick young woman who hid her identity for To take revenge on her parents’ murderers trying to infiltrate a family to execute her revenge.

Azize has such bad luck, that he ends up finding love in the youngest son of the family to which Tries to deceive to execute revenge for her.

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The failure could splash the next two series of Hande Erçel

After this resounding failure, Hande Erçel replied with the filming of ‘Love is in the air’ next to the charismatic Kerem Bürsin, which this time was a resounding success catapulting her to the top of the Turkish Turkish Signs Signs causing your last failure to be forgotten until today.

Hande is immersed in the filming of ‘Iki Yabanci‘ next to Burak Deniz and has just signed the contract for filming with Disney+ of a fantastic series in which he will play a mermaid.

Will the shadow of the failure of ‘Azize’ affect the success of Hande Erçel’s next series? We will continue to inform.

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