Attention because you are going to listen to their own words like Hande Erçel and Hakan Sabanci confirm that they are boyfriends, but all in Turkey warn that Hande Erçel is just a trophy for the millionaire. >

It has been during a lightning trip to Paris, the city of love, when the couple that was rumored that they were beginning to live a love story, Has confirmed to journalists that they were waiting for in the Istanbul airport arrivals, what we all supposed: Hande Erçel and Hakan Sabanci are starting a romantic relationship as a couple . Come on, they are boyfriends.

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Hande Erçel and Hakan Sabanci are a couple

We are not going to deceive you, to us and our heart ‘Hanker’ would have liked us more than Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin had given themselves a new opportunity , but this is what there is, friends. Although Hande Erçel last year before the reporters who were waiting for her at the exit of a restaurant, she said when asked about her possible romance with Hakan Sabanci: “do not set me in your fantasy world” , today we realize that I was playing the disguise with all. Hande Erçel and businessman Hakan Sabanci are together as they themselves tell us in the last video upon arrival at the Istanbul airport.

While the couple walked from the hand as if it were a way to seal their relationship, a reporter asked: “Is it a serious relationship? “, to which they answered: “exactly ”.

Hande Erçel fans warn that she is only a trophy for Hakan Sabanci.

And of course, as soon as the couple has been confirmed, the networks have flooded with Evidence that Hakan Sabanci is a seducer who keeps a girlfriend in each port and according to accusations of some tweeters, He even has children of unrecognized relationships.

Hande Erçel es un trofeo para su novio millonario

In this particular story, the user ‘Albouthandendkerem’ warns with the hope that Hande Erçel read it and open the eyes :

“I will say it without hot cloths and I don’t care how many you stop following me. I adore Hande and I feel a lot what he is doing. I will explain how it is, you may have a friend in your life that does not make good decisions and you tell her your opinion. You don’t have to agree with her, it’s fine. This is exactly as I feel about Hande. I am very sorry that a boy like Hakan has found. Every Turkey hates him. Regardless of the fact that it is from a wealthy family, it is a real shit. He has done many things in his life and changed women. Literally, every week he has been with a different woman. Why is a woman like Hande Erçel with him? I will never understand it. She could have had the best man in the world and I wouldn’t say a word, it’s her life, but Hakan? He is literally the worst man of Turkey. I am so disappointed. ”

And continue in another story by saying: “even has children”

Hande Erçel es un trofeo para su novio millonario

Wow. It seems according to all the information that goes through the networks, which Hakan is a piece of the good . Of those rich children who do what they want with their lives and that Are deceiving a woman after another style of our Íñigo onieva homeland.

Even Hakan photos are appearing at massive parties very much to the ‘Burning Man’ Short -born roller . It shows that he likes luxuries and good life and telling his list of conquests is extensive, that is a fact.

And while everyone in Turkey warns that Hande Erçel is a trophy for businessman Hakan Sabanci , on March 9 they have prepared a trip to Lapia to further seal this relationship that He has just confirmed under the light of the northern dawn. We will continue to inform.

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