This is the most ruin of the human being: they supplant Can Yaman to steal donations from the Turkey earthquake. Eye.

A tragedy like the one that has happened in Turkey Is able to show the most supportive side and also the most ruin of the human being. For Children ‘a collection of donations that will go directly to those affected by the terrible earthquake that has devastated the south of Turkey and part of Syria and that has left hundreds of thousands of families homeless or has taken the life of so far More than 25,000 Turkish and Syrian citizens.

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The solidarity campaign of Can Yaman

In a Story and post anchored on his Instagram profile , Can Yaman communicated that donations can be made through a link that appeared in the image.

Solidaridad entre compañeros de Can Yaman en El Turco

Can Yaman asks for an aid for those affected by the Turkey earthquake:

“🇹🇷 There are no adequate words in such a bleak situation, but we feel that it is our duty to prepare and participate in this initiative to help all those in need.

Turkey has recently suffered an earthquake of magnitude 7.8, the most devastating natural catastrophe in its history, and its population is currently going through an overwhelming situation. Here we ask your support.

Can Yaman For Children will donate the benefits of fundraising to Ahbap to participate in a concrete and supportive manner and offer important help to the people affected by this tragedy.

Click on the bio link for more information and make a concrete contribution

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🖋️ Thank you all my heart, from Can Yaman and the team. ”

Scammers supplant Can Yaman Parpa steal donations

Now is when The worst side of the human being appears , that taking advantage of the fact that the link leads to such a link …

suplantan a Can Yaman para robar donaciones

… has decided to clone a link with an identical appearance for Appropriate donations that citizens around the world are trying to reach those affected by the earthquake.

Scammers attention!

Twitter accounts as Can Yaman English are already denouncing the fraud with which they supplant Can Yaman to steal donations.

Other scammers use a membership system by which a fan ‘gold’, ‘silver’ or ‘bronze’ accounts are awarded according to donations made and never reach their recipients.

The majority of scammers are operating Through Facebook , where Can Yaman has no presence, so If you see in that social network to someone to pass by Can Yaman and that asks you money, distrust and block.

They even send this Gross montage of Can Yaman showing his DNI to show that he is in person who is asking for money.

Without a doubt a crime that they are committing protected in the confusion that the earthquake is generating but that We trust to be persecuted by justice as soon as possible.

How to protect themselves from those who supplant Can Yaman and donate safely?

We are going to pass some tips So that you do not fall into the trap Your disposition.

  1. No hagáis donaciones en links sospechosos con nombres raros o en sitios con urls extrañas.
  2. Sólo donad en el link que ha puesto Can Yaman a vuestra disposición (link en bio o en su story)
  3. Sólo donad en el link de Instagram de la cuenta verificada de Can Yaman, nunca en otras redes sociales o en perfiles de Can Yaman no verificados
  4. Un punto, una cruz o un check azul al lado del nombre de Can Yaman no te dan la seguridad de que sea el verdadero. Investiga un poco antes de donar.
  5. Can Yaman nunca se va a poner en contacto contigo. Bloquea a todo aquel que lo intente ya que es un scammer intentando robarte.
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