You’re going to indignant when you discover why they censor Can Yaman’s partner on Instagram. Very strong, really.

There is no doubt that everything that surrounds the new Can Yaman series is A reason for scandal . On this occasion, the partner has touched the shooting of the series ‘El Turco’ Greta Ferro who has bitterly complained about the Treatment he has received on Instagram for the publication of an image of his taken to a picture in which the model could be seen posing for a Photo shoot inside a subway car.

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Everything happened when Greta Ferro, Can Yaman’s companion in ‘El Turco’ published several images belonging to a photo shoot for the famous photographer Vicent Peters famous for Her covers for Vogue with the best world -fame models and actresses among which Greta is.

After the publication in the IG Stories, The algorithm detected a little more meat than usual and several of the images were censored, before what Greta complained with these words. P>

Greta is dispatched at ease with Instagram and sentence:

“As usual, the nakedness and freedom of the body itself (especially female sexuality) scares people. from Milan.
Where art is not censored. ”

They censor Can Yaman’s partner in ‘El Turco’

And very well that Greta says. We from Crush.News signed each and every one of her words and we threw the ears on Instagram that is already fine.

The filming of ‘El Turco’ continues

And in the meantime, every morning, the actors and actresses of ‘El Turco’ are directed to the Korda de Budapest studios where the new series for Disney+ is roll Greta reminds them of the Dawns you can see in Italy.

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