Has only an image to discover the hypocrisy of Gamze Erçel and her husband Cner Yildirim and be evidenced in front of all Turkey.

Hypocrites has been the minimum they have called Hande Erçel’s sister and her husband. And they are called hypocrites for something that had gone totally unnoticed by the rest of mortals but that in the case of Hande Erçel Has raised a lot of media dust.

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After a few months in which the family of the protagonist of ‘Love is in the air’, Hande Erçel was having a very bad time because of cancer that discovered little 3 year old Mavi last summer, it seems that After a strong treatment, the little girl is now perfectly and All that only remains the memory , but what just happened to them in networks … They had not seen him come.

They call Gamze Erçel hypocrites and her husband’s husband Yildirim

We all know that this family is very announced by Instagram. Just as if nothing, your cremita, the vacuum or hair plate strains. The two promote products and so is the case of Caner Yildirim, which constantly sponsors the products of the Samsung brand as we show you in these images.

As you will see according to the Instagram wall of Caner Yildirim, Does not separate from its mobile or from its Samsung watch and that is why social networks have exploded when you see A photo during a party with an iPhone instead of with a Samsung. Look.

Cair’s mobile is Very tuned with stickers as well as his samsung , so it shows that The hand of Mavi has also been present there, but of course, but It is not the Samsung for which they are paying for falling to promote, but another phone.

In the post that denounces the case we can read:

“Hey Samsung Turkey, why yildirim, one of your‘ influencers uses an Apple iPhone and not your new Samsung Galaxy S23 ultra?

“wow. What a lesson of hypocrisy of the Ercel-Yildirim family right?

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