We are still trying to interpret every word of the ‘Iki Yabanci’ prota. He has given an interview with a medium in his country and has released impressive bombings. We bring you the most explosive Hande Erçel statements (and yes, Kerem flies over the entire talk).

Based istanbul is a means of communication of those … how to tell you, modern, elegant and alternative. Surely you will have seen, if you look at the Instagram of Hande Erçel, some Spectacular and suggestive photos, with a red wig to two layers. Neck, example. Well, they are part of a photo shoot he did with Based and support an interview with the actress. And in that interview we have discovered statements by Hande Erçel that cannot be stronger, because it is dropping the possibility of reconciliation. Wow.

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In Hande Erçel’s statements, are you talking about Kerem? YEAH

Let’s see, obviously does not name it, but throws an indirect amount of that you flip. When they ask if she is afraid to make mistakes, she replies: “I am a very reckless person, so When I make a mistake I assume the consequences and I do not regret it. now I think more about the consequences that can affect my work, my team or my loved ones. There I measure them more. ”

At another time of the interview, they ask him what time of the day it would be if his life lasts that, one day: “I have always believed in late stories.” ? The actress, who confesses night ave , so I visit them when I need to be alone with myself, calm and relax. ”

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Hande Erçel apoyada en Kerem Bürsin en una foto promocional
¿Guardas en la memoria rincones junto a Kerem? Aaaaay. (Suspiro).

Perfectionist at work … and shoot for hakan

Also took the opportunity to talk about what his mother misses: “as someone who suffered a loss at a very early age, I believe in the value of life and every moment.” that enjoyment, however, is not the same when the monkey is put on working: “My Perfectionism I don’t like it, I can’t digest it. The feeling that I can do things better prevents me from appreciating what I work and progress. However, this does not happen to me in my personal life: There I focus on enjoying and flowing. ”

Then they asked what it meant for her to be aware … and her response ranged for Hakan, Schrödinger’s boyfriend (because until she confirms the breakdown they are boyfriends and are not at the same time): ” Sometimes, having awareness is not good. Sometimes it opens your eyes and reminds you of your value. If they do something that hurts a lot, it is not really important. The important thing is to be with those who want to be by your side, with whom they value you.

The phrase that tells us that opens the doors to return with Kerem

Finally, and where he has definitely left us breath with this phrase: “lately I love the unexpected imperfect returns.” but Kerem, what are you waiting for for Call it?

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