you are very fan but surely you don’t know all Can Yaman series. Check it.

Can Yaman is a Turkish actor who has become very popular in recent years thanks to his talent and charisma. Born on November 8, 1989 in Istanbul, Yaman began his career as a lawyer before making himself known as an actor in a unstoppable work progression that for the abundant, Surely you don’t know . We review all the unknown series of Can Yaman.

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All unknown series of Can Yaman

His first role as an actor on a television series was in ‘Gönül ̇̇leri’ in 2014

In this series, a very young Can Yaman gave life to Bedir, one of the brothers of a family who lives with his father after being abandoned by his mother. In Spain the series was called ‘Heart Affairs’.

After this series, in 2015 came ‘stubborn love’ (‘Indina Ask’), where Can Yaman plays a high position of a company that on a party night knows a girl in a committed situation and that will casually enter to work at your company. The mess is served.

In 2016 it would shoot ‘marriage by surprise’ , another series of Can Yaman in which two young people who married in the last course of the university, discover that their parents were in love in the past.

In 2017, roll the already famous ‘Dolunay’ in which Can Yaman returns to interpret an entrepreneur who welcomes a new cook at his home from which he will fall in love.

and finally comes the ‘dream bird’ series , where he played a young man named Yigit. The series was a success and earned Yaman a large number of followers and fans, settling the foundations of the great star that is today. ‘ erkenci kuş’ , which was broadcast in several Spanish -speaking countries under the title of ‘Dreaming bird’ put Can Yaman on the map with his role as Can Divit who would fall in love with a beautiful Demet Özdemir together to which would make a beautiful couple in real life.

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In 2019, he starred in the ‘Bay Yanlış’ (‘The wrong man’), where he played Ömer Demir, an ingenious and cunning young man who falls in love with a woman older than him. The series was a success in Turkey and outside its borders, he swept how it could not be otherwise.

His last series to date is ‘Viola eats il mare’ where he plays an Italo-Turco police inspector who falls in love and helps the model and actress Francesca Chillemi (Viola), while Help the resolve mysterious crimes.

In future dates we can see Can Yaman in a blockbuster for Disney+ that is in the process of filming in Budapest and that will surely be the zenith of his career to date. Ah! And we forgot that after ‘the Turk’ Can Yaman will return to Italy to start filming the second season of ‘Viola Come Il Mare’ trying to repeat the success of the first.

Throughout his career, Yaman has proven to be an actor that has a great record and capable of interpreting different types of characters with great mastery. His charism and his physical attractiveness have made him very loved by his followers, who admire him both for his talent and for his beauty.

This has been a review of Can Yaman’s career that, although it can be said that it is starting, already has several series that you cannot miss and that you will surely try to see (if You haven’t seen them yet) during this vacation.

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