After Loreen’s victory, the controversy arrives: there is a possible plagiarism in the song of ‘Tattoo’ of no less than three songs. These are.

Loreen has led Sweden to the top of Eurovision . After her first victory in 2012 with Euphoria, the singer has achieved again the most desired microphone of European music with Tattoo. This is a very style song, her style, which has generated controversy from the first minute in which it was presented. As soon as he listened, he began to Generate the first rumors about a possible plagiar P>

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Since last Saturday he has not stopped talking about possible plagiarism in the winning song. The theme that represented Sweden remembers at certain times other Three songs that could have served as a reference to its author. before these criticisms, the organization has not yet said anything. In fact, by allowing its participation in the midst of rumors, it was understood as a green flag that could be understood as a negative before all these criticisms.

The representative of Spain, Blanca Paloma , has referred to the controversy of plagiarism: “Inspirations are always there, I do not seem to me that we should spot a result that has been impeccable ”, has said the ilicitana supporting Loreen’s great job.

Three songs confirming Loreen’s plagiarism in ‘Tattoo’

Social networks have exploded after the grand final of Eurovision. And it is that the great resemblance of Three existing songs has been confirmed with the winner in this edition of the contest. Specifically, plagiarism accusations focus on these issues:

The most commented on networks, given its great resemblance, is Flying Free in the first measures. Flying Free is the electronic music anthem of the nineties, associated with the Spanish disco Pont aeri . Its authors are the DJ Ruboy and DJ Skudero producer. This song was one of the hits that sounded most in the aforementioned Catalan electronic music disco, which closed in 2012. The real problem of the matter is that the creators of this song are Studying whether to denounce the plagiarism or not.

In addition to this case, some chords and fragments of The Winner Takes It All can also be intuited, of Abba, and the one that seems clearer of all is that of The V plenu melody, a song by the Ukrainian interpreter Mika Newton published in 2007. The video has achieved thousands of reproductions in Tiktok and Twitter due to the great resemblance that exists with Loreen’s song.

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