We are already at the doors of the final and there are three very strong rivals ahead of Blanca Paloma in Eurovision.

There is nothing left to know who will win Eurovision 2023 . And it is that lately it has been a very intense weeks for both Blanca Paloma and for the three rivals that follow her. The final is just around the corner and there is more and more tension among the representatives. Bets do not stop throwing smoke!

Eurovisión 2023 | Los favoritos de las casas de apuestas

This year there is certainly a lot of level among European countries and we can say proud that Spain is Among the favorites with our Blanca Paloma and its ‘Eaea’. But that our representative is within the podium does not mean that victory is easy. Well, there are Three countries that go over the ilicitana and that of course we recognize that they have made real songs.

Blanca Paloma rivals

Blanca Paloma is that it leaves lately but there is more and more rivalry among favorite countries.

1.Loreen – “Tattoo”

The favorite among the public. Loreen is the first in betting to win the contest. Although, to tell the truth, he already knows that feeling of victory, because Won 11 years ago in the 2012 edition . This year he returns to the stage performing his new “tattoo” theme, written by herself. This great artist and friend of our Blanca Paloma seeks that Sweden equals Ireland as a country with more victories in Eurovision.

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