Will you be the ideal woman of Can Yaman? Well, we will know that right away, because we have analyzed one by one all the women for whom we know that she has felt attracted and we have extracted five characteristics that she must have. Let’s see, not all at once, that would be too much! But if you meet two or three, you already have possibilities …

Can Yaman en la gala de Disney+ Turquía

Confesses: You have also dreamed of being the ideal woman of Can Yaman. Let’s see, we are legion, huh? Not only is he as he wants, but he also has charisma, he acts great and I don’t even know how many more things (sigh). And hey, since we are, we have been sharing Some of the characteristics that the woman of her dreams should gather. We have found five, how many do you identify?

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Can Yaman’s ideal woman must have a great personality

Without a doubt. All women who have gone through her life have it, but if we had to highlight one, this would be Demet Özdemir. Can Yaman’s companion in A dream bird lived with him a Torrid romance, and today she is married (not happily, the truth) with the singer Oğuzhan Koç.

Míralos a los dos, qué monísima pareja hacían.

Demet did not have the slightest problem talking openly about his couple’s problems Or threatening with a demand who extended false rumors about their personal situation. A woman with character.

What triumphs in his own

Obviously, not all can go on television, but what is clear to each couple of Can Yaman is that they were very good in their respective races. An example can be Leotta diletta, which Almost almost leads our particular Sandokán to the altar and is a great sports presenter. Today, in love with Loris Karius, he waits for a son with him.

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Can Yaman y Diletta Leotta separados Entre Twitter e Instagram no hay nada oculto
Llegaron a estar prometidos, pero… Bueno, ya sabes cómo terminó.

With a marked solidarity spirit

Bah, this was clear. You already know that at this time Can is Superatope with its solidarity tour Break the Wall, visiting both discos to raise money and school spaces where Help children and adolescents In vulnerable situation.

Can Yaman con una niña besándole en la mejilla

In addition, he also brought his shoulder when an unfortunate earthquake shook his country of origin, so it is obvious that Does not conceive to be next to a woman to whom these tragedies do not remove inside.

That fashion is passionate about

Maria Giovanna Adamo is another of the women with whom it has been related to the protagonist of El Turco after the rupture of this with diletta. Maria is a young Italian who Works in the fashion industry, and met the actor in a photo shoot in Italy, so there you have another feature that the ideal woman of Can Yaman must have. /p>

With innate talent for interpretation

Bestemsu Özdemir and Francesca Chillemi also stole the heart of Can Yaman. Next to the second wheel the second part of Viola eats Il Mare and, as you know, among them the first season did not end well.

Francesca Chillemi y Can Yaman: una relación de amor-odio.

They are not, in addition, the only actresses in the Turk, so, how do you get interpreted? Because, Clearly, add points.

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