Here you have all the men who have occupied the heart of Cansu Dere, the protagonist of ‘unfaithful’

The ‘unfaithful’ actress is these last days of today for her disappearance during the earthquake of Turkey and although it seems that she has already been found alive, Many wonder about the sentimental life of the actress.

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novios de Cansu Dere

Cansu who has been related to Actors and very important people of art and entertainment in Turkish society is very famous since he presented himself to Miss Turkey abandoning his studies of archeology.

After this, Cansu began with his first boyfriend.

CEM Yilmaz

In 2006, Cansu met CEM through common friends starting a relationship that lasted six years and that it almost ends at the wedding of not being because Cansu discovered that his fiance was having A relationship with her best friend Ahu Yagtu.

Cem Aydin

After ending with Cem Yilmaz, Began a relationship with the journalist Cem Aydin that did not go well since it lasted only five months.

Engin Akyürek

This Tired Dere’s boyfriend is just a rumor since Was related to Cansu to the Turkish actor nominated for a Grammy award after being seen together leaving a hotel in Istanbul. The relationship was not denied or confirmed so that we left it there.

Renan Kaleli

Although tired He totally denied having had a relationship with the painter Renan Kaleli, friends of the couple affirm that There was a torrid romance among them two that did not last more than a couple of months.

And this is the Tired Boyfriend List known so far. The beautiful Turkish actress does not lavish much on social networks and is very jealous of her intimacy to the point of having made it very difficult to follow her since last year a health problem prevented the actress from ‘unfaithful’ to go to the awards Gold Vineyard in Spain.

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