Is already an open secret: Aitana and Miguel Yatra are boyfriends and are no longer cut in public when passionate kisses. We tell you everything.

After the abrupt rupture of the couple formed by the actor of ‘Elite’ Miguel Bernardeau and the Aitana Ocaña singer, the rumors that Aitana would be beginning a relationship as boyfriends with the Colombian singer Sebastián Yatra, takes more and more body.

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beso entre Aitana y Yatra

As the journalist Laura Fa, , both singers, would be starting a relationship, which was culminated with a trip together to London to say goodbye to the year.

After this trip, both Aitana and Sebastián Yatra are still seen and judging by the news that left us the other day ‘Socialité’ the couple no longer hides when showing their love in public.

The kiss video between Aitana and Yatra

It seems that there is a video in which the couple is seen kissing in front of everyone while they were partying in the Bresh room!

According to witnesses, there were also Lali Espósito, the former Yatra Tini Stoesel or Lola Indigo among others. A fiestón who fell warming up until according to the journalist Giovanna González what had to happen: “they were together all night, giving many kisses, very dumb, in front of everyone , showing a lot of love. In addition, they went hand in hand ”

Una de las pocas fotos de Aitana y Yatra en la fiesta Bresh!. Fuente: Instagram.

The Kiss video between Aitana and Yatra does not exist, nor Photos of the moment, but apparently the maximum nonsense, kisses on the neck and the few precautions to The time to hide his passion, were seen by all those attending this party ‘Bresh!’ In the room ‘La Riviera’.

How has Miguel Bernardeau reacted to the kiss between Aitana and Yatra?

As expected, the reaction of the former Aitana, Miguel Bernardeau has been the Deleting from his Instagram profile every romantic photo next to her thus giving closed a relationship that unfortunately that unfortunately It did not come to fruition.

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