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The naked ‘Turkish Passion’ by Maggie Civantos (without Yaman)

after the filming in Istanbul of ‘The Turkish Passion’, its protagonist Maggie Civantos has returned to Spain to relax that natural. Look at it.

The first part of what will be the revelation series of 2023 , ‘Turkish passion’ is already shot. A first part that takes place in Istanbul and a place to which The entire Spanish cast of ‘The Turkish Passion’ moved to roll a series that will be broadcast on Antena 3 in some moment next year. 

Fernando Andina celebrando el ultimo dia de rodaje. Foto: IG

As we already told you here, the Spanish cast of the series was for Ottoman lands rolling along with actors from other nationalities and of course, next to the Guapa very Ilker Kaleli who will be Yaman, Maggie Civantos’s partner in the series based on a homonymous book by Antonio Gala.

And of course, Maggie also had time of starring some scandal in Turkey like the one attributed to him when he went with his shooting partner to a concert of his wife Sila Gencoglu In which he was accused of ‘too much intimacy’ next to this.

Maggie Civantos needed to rest.

and of course, after so many hours of filming, unimaginable early risks and scandals in the Turkish press, the protagonist of ‘Vis a Vis’ turned to Spain wanting to relax and disconnect.

and what if he did.

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