Can Yaman announces his next trip to Greece and we have taken the opportunity to analyze what possible ‘tempting’ could attract the attention of the Turkish actor.

If a few hours ago we saw Can Yaman formally say goodbye to the filming of the series ‘El Turco’ that is taking place in Budapest for Disney+, this time has given us a video in which in addition to talking in perfect English for That we are getting an idea of what we are going to find in ‘El Turco’, he tells us that he will soon make a trip to Greece. The tweet @rayca97 shared it like this:

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In the video a smiling and relaxed can yaman announced his next trip:

“I am pleased to announce that I will be in Athens, Greece Between September 22 and 24 to shoot a couple of television programs. I wanted to tell you and I hope you are as excited as I am. I wanted you to know that I am going to visit the country. I see you soon ”

And of course, after announcing his next trip to Greece and taking into account that Can Yaman’s heart is free as a taxi , we have put ourselves to investigate among the most important celebrities in Greece and that They could Opt for lovers of Can Yaman in that country.

And these are the Greek actresses who could choose to take a place in the heart of our Can:

Tonia Siropoulou

El viaje a Grecia de Can Yaman y sus posibles 'tentadoras'

Tonia is a 35 -year -old Greek actress. Of penetrating look and brown hair, she has participated in 2012 in the James Bond movie, ‘Skyfall’.

Grade of compatibility with Can Yaman: 8/10

Eva Kaili

Eva Kaili would be the Greek equivalent to Diletta Leotta , former Can Yaman. She is 45 years old and was a news presenter on Greek television. It was also Member of the European Parliament where it was ceased and Imprisoned after being involved in a case of corruption related to the Qatargate . Currently Is in jail complying with a sentence so we fear that he will not meet Can Yaman in person.

Degree of compatibility with Can Yaman: 0/10 (but because it is in jail, if not, we would see because it is beautiful for a while)

Anastasia Tsilimpiou

Anastasia is 25 years old and apart from having a serene beauty, it is a Long -distance actress since she started her career being a 5 -year -old girl. She is one of the actresses for which we bet since she She speaks Turkish , which makes her our favorite advancing all other contestants on the right.

Grade of compatibility with Can Yaman: 10/10

Julia Alexandratou

Julia Alexandratou is a model, presenter, singer and Actress ‘nopor’ (yes, adult movies actress). She is 37 years old and is a celebrity in Greece that could well be equated with María Lapiedra here in Spain or Pamela Anderson in the United States (so you can get an idea)

Grade of compatibility with Can Yaman: 8/10

Katerina Stikoudi

Katerina is a singer, model, actress, gathering and Swimming champion . She is 37 years old and hey, we hit us all with the Turkish actor.

Grade of compatibility with Can Yaman: 9/10

Denia Agalianou

Denia is a Greek actress Resident in Mexico . She is 31 years old and during her career she has participated in the television show ‘Next Top Model: Grece’ playing a role similar to that of our Judit Mascó . Right now there is Living in Mexico , but we are sure that between September 22 and 24 he will return to his country to meet Can Yaman (I would do it).

Grade of compatibility with Can Yaman: 7/10

And you, what Greek actress we have presented to you believe that she hits more as a lover of our Can Yaman? We read you on social networks.

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