Violeta has traveled to New York and has lived a horrible and unexpected tragedy. This has happened.

The Influencer has traveled to New York for the presentation of the new season of Sex in New York, Where she is really excited as a true fan. Apart, he has taken the opportunity to clear his mind and discover corners that he had not yet visited, such as the Met, Variety or The Palm Court museum, a restaurant specialized in Brunches at the Hotel Plaza himself. That is, following the emblematic sites of the series.

Violeta has the New York tragedy

The collaborator wanted to tell in the first person the terrible situation he is going through in New York . Since yesterday she began publishing stories worried about her and her family’s health.

The cause of this drama is the smoke of hundreds of Forest fires east of Canada , which is causing a decrease in air quality in some of the main cities from the country and the United States, causing a great Toxic cloud which is detrimental to the health of the inhabitants.

Violeta, apart, wanted to share the terrible environmental catastrophe in a video on Tiktok. and vice versa, while showing New York images. “It is difficult to go down the street without a mask. My throat hurts, my eyes bite me ”, reports affected by the horrible atmospheric conditions.

TikTok | Violeta Magriñan informando sobre la nube tóxica de Nueva York

“There is very large fires in Canada and a superthoxic cloud has arrived. There is the entire city under a very large layer of smoke. It is incredible because neither the buildings are seen ”, describes the former Survivors.

Finally, he launches a warning to his followers about how the situation is. “If you plan to come, post the trip.”

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