Yesterday we told you that Kerem Bürsin already prepares a new romantic series with a very young actress who looks a lot like Hande Erçel. Well, today we tell you that a bulus released on television did irreparable damage to this girl at the beginning of the year. This is the Hafsanur Sancaktan tragedy.

While Kerem Bürsin already prepares his next project, a series with all the elements to be the new Love is in the air, we wanted to investigate a little about his cast partner. And we have known that, back in January, something horrible happened to him. How did the tragedy hit Hafsanur Sancaktan?

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It all started in a TV program

Hafsanur spent some time dating another actor, Denizcan aktas. Well, a television program gave the News that Hafsanur would have wanted to commit suicide, and that she would have called her former at that critical moment. >

Hace algunos meses, Hafsanur sufrió un terrible episodio.

The program had to mention that the actress would have cut her veins. So the aforementioned Had no choice but to make a drastic decision.

Hafsanur tragedy Sancakutan that she wanted to share on social networks

The thing is that everything was a bully, but the damage was already done. Apart from possible demands, and contravening the suggestion of her lawyer, Hafsanur Published this photo in his Stories of Instagram:

To the photo, which showed his intact dolls, accompanied him the following text: “Hello everyone. Recently, in a program broadcast on television, There was news that saddled me and my family and put me in a very difficult situation. my lawyer asked me not to make a detailed statement in This moment, since he planned to initiate a legal process by obtaining the necessary reports of the hospital in which I was treated.

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Posado de Kerem Bürsin en la playa
Nos encantaría saber qué piensa Kerem de todo esto.

All I can say is that I am a 22 -year -old girl who loves her family, her work and her life! I’m very sorry to be exposed to this type of news. I think that the press and social networks will act conscientiously on this issue, and I hope the news is denied. Thanks to all those who showed sensitivity. ” Hafsanur also added: “Too many messages. I had to put this photo, I’m sorry. ”

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