The sensual photos of Hande Erçel open a new gap in his relationship with Hakan Sabanci: his family rejects them frontally. Do they endanger both the courtship of both? >

The last publication in networks of the Love is in the air has revolutionized its fans. But there are more: The sensual photos of Hande Erçel have not only made all Hankers think of Kerem Bürsin (obvious!), But they have compared the actress with a famous model. On the other hand, there is a great concern in their environment because they have created discomfort in her boyfriend’s family, Hakan Sabanci, shortly after her romantic trip.

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Foto de Hande Erçel con plumas, top corto que deja el vientre al aire y pantalones vaqueros
Los selfis de Hande dejan ver que está trabajando muchísimo su cuerpo en el gym.

Hakan Sabanci’s family does not see with good eyes the sensual photos of Hande Erçel

In Instagram images we can see Hanke showing the navel, something that Is considered highly sensual in Turkish culture. In fact, the belly dance leaves this part of the body precisely because of the eroticism it gives off.

Foto de Hande Erçel en ropa deportiva, mostrando ombligo y en mallas cortas
Esta ha sido, sin duda, una de las fotos que más comentarios han despertado.

You can also see in one of the images the figure of Hande in short meshes, which mark his figure. Although Turkey is an especially permissive country with female clothing within Islamic culture, we cannot forget that Hakan Sabanci’s family, her current couple, is very traditional.

What would have thought of Kerem Bürsin of the sensual photos of Hande Erçel?

Well, we are almost sure they will have enchanted him. The time in which Hande and Kerem were Hankers we could see her looking spectacular, and often with looks in which she was very sensual in public.

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It catches the attention that Hande appears with different accessories and is not among them the spectacular bag that her boyfriend gave him …

Una de las sensuales fotos de Hande Erçel, en el espejo y mostrando un hombro
El hombro al aire y un top de estilo corpiño: ¡Kerem, no te alteres!

But Kerem worries us: not because they are no longer together (which also), but because in full recovery of their operation, these shocks come regulinchis. Hande, you’re going to make Nurses again!

The spectacular similarity that fans have not let

In addition to that the images have raised the temperature among the followers of the actress, many have not let something very evident pass: the resemblance between Hande and Kendall Jenner, something that several fans have defined as “Kendall Jenner Vibes.”

una de las sensuales fotos de hande erçel, a la derecha, comparada con una de kendall jenner, a la izquierda, donde están iguales: de negro, mismas gafas y estilo muy similar
A la izquierda, Kendall; a la derecha, Hande. ¿A que cuesta distinguirlas?

What do you think of you? Do you find them similar?

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