Diletta Leotta’s holidays with their new love will give you a lot of envy now that the freshness begins because they have gone to Miami looking for heat and tranquility. Attention because Can Yaman would kill for signing up to the trio.

We already told you a few days ago that the couple formed by the former Can Yaman, Diletta Leotta and the Newcastle Loris Karius goalkeeper was the most beautiful of the Italian and world famous landscape but that is no longer hiding. >

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Only weeks ago Diletta was dating the Giacomo Cavalli and Loris Karius model with the German influencer Janine Wigert, but it seems that Cupid made his own and by surprise and without anyone waiting for anyone, we could see them together hand in hand and even moring without compassion , which confirmed one of the classic relationships of the heart of heart such as a player with a journalist and who in Spain wants to sound for us for Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero .

to strengthen the relationship between diletta Leotta and Loris Karius, nothing better than a getaway to Miami.

This is what they have done. Diletta Leotta’s holidays in Miami with hers new love of her Loris Karius are going to kill us with envy . That is so.

As a period is now without official championships or glasses, the two decided to establish themselves as a couple with a romantic vacation in Miami.

Now the

With this story in which Diletta tells us that he is on vacation wearing a blue bikini, we can see the former Can Yaman enjoy the sun, heat and his partner the Newcastle goalkeeper, Loris Karius

diletta works in Milan , Loris for the team in which he plays, in Newcastle and separate a few thousand kilometers and logically the language. diletta is Italian, German Loris But they have decided to communicate in English, a language that although Diletta handles without difficulty, is perfecting with private classes to be able to express all the love he feels for his new boyfriend without obstacles.

Diletta Leotta holidays in Miami we are sure that right now they will be envy to Can Yaman that only in your hotel room or rather ‘your prison’ , see how the days Hotel al filming . Something that is undoubtedly the opposite of what Diletta and Loris are doing right now that go from the beach to the hotel and the hotel to the beach . The same, but vice versa.

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