What to walk with hot cloths. It is increasingly clear: Hafsanur Sancaktan and Hande Erçel imitate at all hours, and the reason has a name and surname. Start with K and end by -erem Bürsin.

We have been looking at Hafsanur Sancaktan. Not only because it will become the next world claim with Kerem Bürsin de And çok Seversen, but for everything that is surrounding the couple in fiction and, we suspect, in real life . And we suspect it because it seems quite obvious that Hafsanur, a possible new partner of Kerem, and Hande Erçel, his ex, are imitated. If a few weeks ago they were just some indications, it is now evident.

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Hafsanur and Hande are imitated in poses …

Back in May, and with a few days apart, Hafsanur first and then Hande uploaded these photos to their respective Instagram profiles:

Ok. Good. It can be a coincidence. The two on squatting, profile, with tight heels and dresses. Okay. But now we understand what happened when, in the Night event, Hande began to put poses before the cameras that many wanted to see Hafsanur as a mockery, something that did not go unnoticed to the media.

But there is more.

… and in the clothes that are put on

Hande did this we told you in the recent night event, clothing brand of which it is an image. And he appeared with a beautiful vest and pants suit …

… that, in more boho version, carried a few weeks before Hafsanur:

Finally, on Thursday we told you how Hafsanur had posed in Bikini and Kerem had given him an answer that was giving a lot to talk about. The bikini was this:

Look at the straps: it is an asymmetric bikini with a double strap on a side. Don’t you remember one of the swimsuits that Hande promotes for nocturnal?

If you ask us, we believe that there is a kind of obsession with those concrete braces:

Well, it is said. We do not know if what is behind is an attempt to copy to what was Kerem’s great love (by Hafsanur) or a Reminder that, in effect, she was number one in her heart (by Hande). We leave it in your opinion.

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