It seems that Shakira is quite angry with Pablo Motos and has decided to never return to the program. Pablo Motos as Revenge has done this …

Yes friends, Pablo Motos is quite angry with Shakira . So much so that he has been throwing Puyitas all week in the different interviews with characters that have visited the ants program.

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la venganza de Pablo Motos contra Shakira

During an interview with Josema Yuste and Santiago Uralde, who came to present their new play ‘The etchofiestas’ where Josema plays a Slovenian murderer, Paul threw Shakira’s first Puyita asking him: “You could tell me How do you say in Slovenno “You changed a rolex for a casio”? “

This was the first and it is that Apparently Shakira does not want and that they had nothing to do with their music.

La comunicación no verbal de Shakira habla por sí sola. Foto: Youtube.

An example could be the question that Pablo Motos asked Shakira In 2008 and that still blushes us to imagine it: “I imagine you bathing in the sea, eating raw meat and howling ” After this unfortunate phrase that the Colombian singer did not like anything, She took 8 years to return to the program.

Pablo Motos’s revenge that Shakira doesn’t want to attend ‘El Hormiguero’

And of course, we are sure that The program has tried that Shakira attend the program but as is logical and after phrases as unfortunate as the one we have just told you, That of Barranquilla rejects all the invitations , something that seems that Has chopped Pablo quite a lot , who yesterday perpetrated a Blushing revenge.

Pablo Motos de ‘El Hormiguero’ Gave a Renault Twingo a person from the public who succeeded the amount of mussels containing a can. A clear allusion to the stanza of the song explains that Piqué changed “a Mercedes for a Twingo” and with which Paul this time is clearly positioned against Shakira , something that we are convinced that he will not get him to get him The singer goes to ‘El Hormiguero’

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