María Pombo has decided to leave her agency I am Olivia for the arrival of a new protagonist: we tell you why this unexpected script turn.

The wife of Pablo Castellano has put an end to his incredible career in Soy Olivia. He has opted for the Vertical agency , of which Marc Márquez is its president. A sudden decision that has made the alarms jump and ask ourselves the reason for this unexpected event.

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Who has been the cause of the abandonment of María Pombo?

According to some media, the creator of Would have felt “jealous” of one of the most popular emerging influencers in recent months. is nothing more and nothing less than the daughter of Infanta Elena, the reason she would have decided to change the representation agency and give a new impulse to her career.

The transformation of Victoria Federica in one of the most important influencers in Spain does not like everyone. At least this is sliding on social networks, where they argue that the signing of the niece of the King Felipe VI by Soy Olivia Creators has caused the exit of María Pombo join.

This tweet is a bit the general thought of Instagram users. The Ana Rosa program has been commented in That jealousy among the influencers are the order of the day, and leaves the door open to the fact that, rather than the signing of Victoria Federica, Maria’s departure Pombo is due to the type of contract with which he worked. “is a raw diamond” , the collaborator Leticia Requejo added.

However, he wanted to clarify the true reason why Pombo has changed to Soy Olivia Creators by vertical agency: “They tell me that Maria Pombo’s departure has nothing to do. He goes to the vertical agency, where she has a lot to do that her husband Pablo is a friend of the pilot Marc Márquez ”.

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