The Eren brothers have lost Kadir, but the accident that killed him in the series is only an excuse, the real reason why he leaves the series is …

All the fans of the series froze our blood in our veins when we saw that Kadir, one of the most beloved of the series ‘Brothers’ died victim of a traffic accident

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han matado Kadir en ‘Hermanos’

We could not understand this unexpected script turn that Broke our heart with the series and yes With your personal life.

Have killed Kadir of ‘brothers’ in a hurried way since Halit had to perform military service urgently. Halit had delayed so much the decision to perform military service, that in Turkey it is mandatory, that he had no more deadline to delay it.

In this way Halit Özgür Sari can Reorganize his life and prepare other professional projects that await him on the horizon since little has little managed to become one of the most wanted and quoted faces in Turkey in Turkey .

As the Jin singer of the K-Pop BTS band, which has had to leave the band for 18 months to deal with the South Korean military service, Halit has to face the same procedure as It will keep you from the performance for more than a year. As you will see they have killed Kadir in ‘Brothers’ but for a weight reason.

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