The help of Turkish actors has not been waiting. We tell you how they have reacted to the devastating earthquake.

This morning we woke up with the terrible news that A brutal earthquake of magnitude 7.8 had desolate the Center of Turkey and northwest of Syria . A sad news that has left hundreds of injured and More than 1700 of residential buildings that, given the brutality of the tremors, have come down with many people inside.

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Such has been the magnitude of the disaster that in Turkey has declared Level 4 of alert since nothing similar had happened since 1999 when a similar Earthquake devastated the eastern part of the eastern part of the Marmara Sea leaving 17,000 dead in its path.

Leaders of the entire planet among which is the Spanish president Pedro Sánchez, have launched mechanisms for help and displacement of troops for the aid, rescue and recovery of the affected areas.

The help of Turkish actors to the earthquake of Turkey

On the other hand, almost all of the most famous Turkish actors and actresses have wanted to add their grain of sand by spreading words of support and help services in their social media accounts.

Kerem Bürsin with Turkey’s earthquake

Kerem in a story on his Instagram account has spread the different emergency phones of the different areas affected by the earthquake.

Hande Erçel with the earthquake of Turkey

As if they had agreed, Hande Erçel has done the same as his former Kerem Bürsin, has published a list of help phones and words of mood for the victims.

Demet Özdemir with Turkey’s earthquake

Something more explicit, Demet Özdemir wrote some words of mind and requested help for survivors since at this time in Turkey there are temperatures below zero, which hinders rescue work.

In a story, Demet Özdemir said: “I woke up with a horrible earthquake. It is a disaster for Turkey with this cold. God help all living beings ”

In addition, he spread the direction of several affected with relatives trapped among the rubble and who needed urgent help: “Mustafa Kemal Mah. Hasan Ali Yücel Cad. Birikim Apt no: 51 Iskenderun. The sounds come from the remains. Urgent!!! For my friend’s relatives! Can you get to this area?

Demet also added recommendations and warnings for survivors and volunteer groups not to hinder the work of AFAD (Presidency of Disaster Management and Emergencies )

Does not enter damaged buildings in the area after the earthquake.
Leave free roads for emergency vehicles. .
Use the Short Message Service (SMS) and Internet messaging programs. ”

Burak Deniz with the Turkey earthquake

The ‘Hayat’ actor also alerted with black background on the situation in Turkey and asked for help:

His Burcu Yazgi Coskun with the Turkey earthquake

The actress who plays Aliye in the Brothers series also wanted to add her grain of sand by spreading emergency phones according to the area.

Halit Özgür Sarı with Turkey’s earthquake

Another of the brothers actors who plays Kadir, also showed his solidarity like that.

Ilker Bilgi with Turkey’s earthquake

One of Can Yaman’s best friends, stylist Ilker Bilgi hasn’t wanted to help spreading the news and asking for desperate help.

And what does Can Yaman of the earthquake in Turkey say?

For now Nothing. that in the year 2020 he already showed his solidarity in the form of generous donations to those affected by the Esmirna earthquake that left more than 80 dead in the region.

For this reason, we are sure that ‘The Turk’ that is being carried out for Disney+ in Budapest and is in a frantic final phase. Can Yaman has a great solidarity spirit and we know that this time Will not disappoint us. We will continue informing.

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