We are going to show you the photo of the Hande Erçel record with which he has managed to reach 29.5 million followers. Get out.

Surprised and hallucinated we have stayed when we have verified that the Turkish actress of ‘Love is in the air’, Hande Erçel has achieved a record to which only the largest celebrities aspire worldwide.

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And that Hande Erçel is being news for having signed a couple of projects with which he will begin this year 2023 (‘Yki Yabanci’ and his expected series in which he will play a siren for Disney+) and is gaining more popularity day To day, what is reflected in his Instagram account that has managed to put himself in the almost 30 million followers.

To make you an idea, triple the followers of the German model Heidi Klum or pass very long to the actress Ana de Armas who has 10 million, but yes, it does not exceed the wife of Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodriguez is at about 45.5 million followers, but time to time …

Hande Erçel’s record photo

And here we leave you the photos that Hande Erçel has uploaded with which he somehow celebrates that he is in a Stratospheric figure of followers.

A number of followers that we are sure that will multiply their fans in their IG account.

In these photos, Hande shows Relaxed , with comfortable clothes and sunbathing through a window, on a carpet and accompanied by his dogs.

All a picture of a model and actress that As if he did photosynthesis , is recharging with the energy of the sun for To face his new projects and surely the arrival of New followers.

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