The fashion of the Turkish series does not stop growing. We have already lost the account of the amount of them that are issued in different channels and platforms, and not a few international idols have left. But there is a new Turkish actor who has everything to remove Kerem and Can’s throne. Because? Because in Türkiye he has already done it.

If we recently told you that Kerem Bürsin has become the great hero of his country that was once Can Yaman, an eye with his next substitute in the hearts of millions of fans. A new Turkish actor bursts hard not only in Turkey, where he is already an icon, but in Spain, by Netflix.

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Çagatay Ulusoy, el nuevo actor turco que protagoniza 'El sastre'

Çağatay Ulusoy, the new Turkish actor from which Media Spain is going to fall in love (if he has not already done)

The name is brought, yes, although something like “Shatay” is pronounced. We never said that the Turkish names were easy. But beyond the anecdote, çağatay (of which we already gave you some track weeks ago) is a tachy of hair and dark eyes that promises to start sighs in The tailor, The series that premiered Netflix Last Tuesday.

Çagatay Ulusoy, el nuevo actor turco que protagoniza 'El sastre'

What is ‘the tailor’?

The tailor is a series of 7 episodes that tells the Intrigues between Peyami (Ulusoy), a reputed tailor; Dimitri, his friend, who commission him to make his fiancee’s wedding dress, and Esvet, the fiancee in question. All of them Drag secrets that will disrupt their respective lives.

Is there suspense? Very much, because of that it goes mainly the series. Is there sexual tension? All in the world, of course. But we are not going to count anymore, in case you have not seen it yet.

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What sounds to you çağatay Ulusoy?

Oh, friend. Realize. Well, it sounds very surely Medcezir, the series starring Serenay Sarikaya, Kerem Bürsin’s ex. But there are more: Çağatay and Serenay were boyfriends just before he started dating the actor who gave life to Serkan.

Çagatay Ulusoy, el nuevo actor turco que protagoniza 'El sastre'

In fact, it is said that Kerem had çağatay. how you read it! Apparently, the passion between the Medcezir protas chased the Love is in the air actor. And they say that these jealousy had a lot to do in the Subsequent rupture between Bürsin and Sarikaya.

His next projects

This new Actor has devastated in this way with The tailor that no one doubts that numerous projects will come out from now on. In fact, he already works on two: Kübra, The story of a strange love triangle, and Centilmen, where he makes Gigoló who falls in love with a girl younger than him. We have çağatay for a while!

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