This boy is filming, friend. He was to set foot on the ‘Iki Yabanci’ set, the series that he co -starred with Hande Erçel, and they have not stopped raining the problems. The last Burak Deniz scandal looks very bad.

A este paso vamos a terminar viendo a Burak llevar el uniforme de presidiario…

For the protagonist of Shahmaran do not run good times. If in February he had to go to trial to explain the reason for his Aggression of him in a hotel, a month later the images of it were leaked. And it didn’t stand well, no: we could see a Deniz Damage, to which the Alpiste seems to have taken everything bad.

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Well: someone has thrown him badly, because the rachita carried by the actor is not normal. Now, the controversy leaves precisely Shahmaran, the series available in Netflix that he starred alongside Serenay Sarikaya. Apparently, Inca Sigar, the author of the material on which the Series has filed a demand for copyright.

The new Burak Deniz scandal could end a millionaire fine to Netflix

I have recently published a Statement on its social networks that summarizes the scandal:

“I saw that my book Şahmeran ̇ntikam, that I wrote in 2015 and published in 2016, was processed without my permission and adapted to the television series called Şahmaran, which He premiered in Netflix. First, when I saw the series of the series, The fantastic snake man and the characters of the red witch that I believed was caught. although I told those responsible for this violation [of copyright ] I should stop immediately, I received the answer that the series was adapted from another book [they mentioned another novel, which is cited in the following paragraph].

Portada del libro de Yonca Sencar en el que al parecer está basada la serie Shahmaran
Este es el libro en el que, al parecer, está realmente basada ‘Shahmaran’. Su autora, Yonca Sencar, ya ha comenzado su batalla legal. ¿Qué ocurrirá?

Then I found the first edition of the book called ŞAh-Mar, published in 2010 by Emine Buzkan, who was mentioned by the producer and editor. I saw that The similarities between this book and the series are alone in the names of the characters and the sea race.

Yonca Sencar en un posado
Yonca comunicó en sus redes sociales su propósito de llevar a juicio a los responsables del plagio por violación de derechos de autor.

At this point, it is understood that the characters and the characteristics of the characters that form the spine of the series are extracted from my work. […] The main theme and Many fantastic elements are plagiarism of my work. For this reason, Announce the public that I will use the right that assists me. ”

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