A lot is talking about the love affairs of the singer recently, but … with which famous Ana Mena was leaving?

I do not stop talking for a minute about the love affairs of Ana Mena these days and we just learned that there is a famous in his life (or rather there was).

The most suspicious of all is none other than Abraham Mateo . Both maintain a relationship of both friendship and professional for many years. The Gaditano and the Malaga have been seen Very close lately. There were even speculations from a witness who witnessed a kiss between them. “seemed very in love”, acknowledged the alleged witness.

Who is the mysterious famous who stole Ana Mena’s heart?

The boy who was dating Two months with Ana Mena has come to light. It’s nothing more and nothing less than Carlos Alcaraz . The tennis player is one of the athletes in our country with more projection, and has already taken relief to the very Nadal

El sorprendente motivo por el que Carlos Alcaraz aún no está en pareja |  Minuto En Cancha

According to Laura FA, Ana Mena had a Love story with the famous tennis player a while ago. Precisely at the end of April when Carlos was debuting Mutua Madrid Open, the singer Went to see him alone from the box: does it not seem too much coincidence?

Melodie ('La isla de las tentaciones') - Telecinco

But that’s not all. Laura FA has revealed that Carlos was also bundled with a former Contestant the island of temptations . This is Melodie, who supposedly left the tennis player. “Carlos speaks much better about melodie than of many other ex -partners who has had , says the Catalan.

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