Many are the theories of messages that hides the song ‘Eaea’ by Blanca Paloma.

The ‘Eaea’ The singer has managed to be imposed on the top 5 as one of the favorites thanks to Eaea, a song that mixes Flamenco and electronics and that somehow tributes to the roots of it .

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The singer revealed after the Benidorm Fest which has a very special meaning, since one of the most important people in her life is dedicated. The song is about a love story that transcends life. “It is a tribute to my roots, extol the legacy of love and know how to transfer it from generation to generation through the nanny. Remember where I come to know where I go, ”said.

Hidden messages in ‘Eaea’

The main nucleus of this song is nothing less than its dear Grandmother Carmen . “As little I sang an Andalusian song” , she indicated and recalled that the woman “laughed” the meaning of losing my life. Since her grandmother died she feels that she has her “in his heart.”

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