Suspicions that Hande Erçel has broken with Hakan Sabanci becomes more and more strength. After seeing how the crisis was forged in Italy, the next step of him does not leave the doubt: look what hidden messenger leaves the millionaire playboy.

We are going to confess the truth: In Crush.News this crisis and possible rupture do not give us any sorrow. , the protagonist of Love is in the air, who does not give stitch without a thread, has left a Code message for his ex? And little by you look you will discover it. Attends.

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Let’s go back a few days, when everything exploded. It turns out that Hande had to fly hurriedly from Tuscany to Turkey to attend her grandfather’s funeral Metin, who had just died because of cancer.

Well, it turns out that then we learned by the local media of that country that before returning they had crisis, Tarara, Gresca, moved, Broncón, as you want to call it. First, Hande was To the dream bird that her boy was Give you with the telephone, who did not look at her or when she changed her clothes. Then, some fans tried to access the actress and Her boyfriend threw them badly. and of course, there the taco was armed.

Hakan Sabanci
Parece que a Hakan le gusta un móvil más que a nosotros la relación de Hande con Kerem.

The phrase that makes it clear that Hande Erçel has broken with Hakan Sabanci

Well, knowing this, and after it has transcended the media, Hande Erçel has continued to upload images to his Instagram account as if nothing. And there have been a series of photos that Have fascinated us for the clearing of the message she throws to Sabanci.

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Don’t you see it? Look better here.

Okay, he doesn’t look whole, but you can compose it:

What is too strange And even an antenna shot there, all in front of this poster apparently or fu or fa? Because it is neither fu nor fa.

“i set the standards”, that becomes something like “I put the rules.” poisoned. And this already comes from behind, because Hande, who already gave him a touch at the beginning of his courtship, and that he must be until the hat of the ugly of the Sabanci family and that his boyfriend believes that he may be he who decides What is done, when and how, must have thought: “So far, nice. I put the rules. And if you don’t like it, air. ”

And now we ask ourselves: What will Kerem Bürsin think of all this?

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