Can Yaman’s ex, the one with whom he was about to marry, today expects a baby from Loris Karius, the Newcastle goalkeeper. But, just as it happens to Can, she is a fan of being fit, and it is something that does not plan to leave while her pregnancy allows it. Of course, the leotta diletta exercise routine has changed with its new state. Do you want to know how you exercise? Take note.

Since we learned that she is pregnant, the ex -girlfriend (and almost wife) of Can Yaman not only shows her new state full of pride, but also exercises so as not to lose her physical form once she is a mother. But of course, The exercise routine to which Diletta Leotta has submitted has changed substantially. Let’s see them!

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Take note of the Leotta diletta exercise routine if you are also pregnant

Let’s see, the first thing to keep in mind is that each pregnancy is a world, and that she may have a perfectly viable gym routine and you have that Keep rest. or what Give you a sciatica crisis (hopefully not). But If your gynecologist/or allows you

‘Alternate Lungs’

Lunges are exercises to tone Buttocks, quadriceps, hammets and twins. As you can see, Diletta makes its entire table in simplified mode, since it has to dose its effort due to pregnancy. In a difficult way you do it without support, but if you are pregnant, take a chair in the back of a chair so that part of the weight does not fall on your knees.

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Dynamic plates

Supported on the tips of the feet in difficult mode, and in quadrupedia if you are pregnant, do the next alternation with the supported forearms: Support on the left fist, support on the right fist, support the forearm again Left, support the right forearm again.

Side plates

The plates serve, in general, To exercise the entire body, but especially the abdomen. the sides must do them with the hand that does not support your hip. The difficult mode is done by supporting one of the feet and the simplified, on the surface that goes from the knee to the foot. In that position, he raises and lowers the body.

Leg and arms alternation

Standing on the mat, Gather in one leg and raise laterally and diagonally the other along with the opposite arm; Then, touch the knee with that same arm. Change leg and arm and repeat.

How many times should you repeat this exercise routine that shows you Diletta Leotta?

Well, theirs are Three series of 15 repetitions each. the moment you feel the slightest discomfort.

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