An interview that Lola Flores did years ago revealing the secret for Spain to win Eurovision.

When Blanca Paloma had not yet been chosen as a representative in Spain, people made comments and speculation, since it was the only proposal taken to the Flamenco . The singer devastated the second semifinal, social networks burned and the Eurofans rescued a video of Lola Flores, also known as The pharaona, where he predicted who would give the Victoria to Spain in Eurovision .

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Lola Flores, un fenómeno inmortal e inusual | Gente | EL PAÍS

And it is that the current representative of Spain and the Great Lola have more things in common than we imagine. Both are very clear about their Passion for flamenco and not only in Spain, but to show that art in the entire world so that people end up loving them just like them.

The secret of Lola Flores to win Eurovision

In 1984, Lola Flores was invited to the Key, and with her claw and temperament she opined about the concept of Eurovision and what was needed for Spain took the victory . Her words were clear: “I because I don’t send in this country, but I would like anything but to send one that would sing a Spanish song to Eurovision. You will see how it was not in the tail. An interpreter and a song from Spain, a song from us, as Mexican and Mexicans sing and how the Argentines sing with the tangos. ” . Instead, artists like Rocío Jurado yes they deserved to go and take the first prize, he said.

And, although Lola Flores made these statements when Blanca Paloma had not even been born, there are many who see the omen of their success in the final of Eurovision 2023 with its song Eaea, that evokes the essence of flamenco, but with a touch of modern fusion. Many are the followers who bet on bringing to Europe this style so here, The essence of our country that can lead us to victory.

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