We bring bad news and that is that the track on which Cansu Dere would continue alive could be false. We tell you.

Famous for his role in the series ‘unfaithful’, ‘mother’ or ‘silá’, Tentu Dere is one of the most reputed actresses in Turkey a. She can say that she is the precursor of the ‘Dizi’ Turkish phenomenon and A whole school for the new generations of actresses who want to make a hole in the world of soap operas.

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pista falsa de Cansu Dere

But Cansu Dere has worried us. For just over two months Is missing . Last year he missed us his absence to collect an award in Spain with his partner in ‘unfaithful’, actress Melis Sezen, but on that occasion the absence was justified since Cansu was Indisposed by food poisoning.

From that moment and until today, Cansu Dere has not given signs of life. No one knows where she is or if she is well. So much so that Several Turkish digitals speculated with the possibility that Cansu Dere had died among the debris of the earthquake happened in Turkey on February 6.

Turkish society is so worried with the whereabouts of Cannsu that any small indication or track are taken as a ray of hope and desire to see Taly again. This was what happened when during a video in which volunteers were seen in a center of humanitarian aid organization appeared a woman very similar to Tent >.

And this is also what happened with a suspicious movement in his Instagram account for which his account went from having 425 followers to have 426.

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This Increase in +1 follower immediately was taken as if tiring despite not wanting to appear publicly Was giving signs of life , but we fear not. According to this theory, That increase of +1 followers would have the explanation of it and it would not go through the one who was adding followers to the IG account of her.

The false track that would make us believe that Tentu Dere is still alive.

Last week someone gave a new person in the IG account of Tentu Dere. It is assumed that This can only happen if you can open her account with her phone and follow a user, but it is not so.

Tired from your account . As you can see, it does not have to be in the act and this is something that saddens us because it eliminates the hope that the actress was only trying to go unnoticed while going through a bad vital moment As a depression for example.

Meanwhile all the tired fandom We are waiting for any news about it that returns hope.

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