Do not even imagine the hard contract signed by the actors of ‘El Turco’ to avoid the series leaks before its premiere. We tell you.

The filming of one of the most anticipated series performed by Turkish actor Can Yaman called ‘El Turco’ and produced by Disney+ is reaching its end. An end that was scheduled by the end of February and that it seems that it will fulfill its planning to the millimeter since today we have been able to see that one of the actors who will accompany Can Yaman, have said goodbye in networks.

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In addition, after farewells like this in which William Kemp announces that he leaves Budapest and that it has been an incredible experience to film ‘El Turco’, many Images that are supposed to ‘the Turk’ have proliferated but they have Trick .

The false images of ‘El Turco’

Specifically these images have been related as images of the filming of ‘El Turco’ but we feel to tell you No.

It is a double action that is shooting the series ‘Getaway to the West’, a historical series that has nothing to do with ‘El Turco’ except for the costumes and may be the time at which it is located.

We are not going to see anything ‘the Turk’ until the day of its premiere

In addition an Italian digital has leaked that all the actors that make up ‘El Turco’ have had that Sign a strict contract by which they cannot count anything or show images of the filming under Penalty Ful Decorated, Or costume

We from Crush.News we do everything we can for showing you images of ‘El Turco’ but the big surprise will come the day of the premiere.

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