Has already begun Desalia 2023, the Top Festival of fashion influencers. What gossip will be this year?

The most anticipated moment of the year has finally arrived. Desalia 2023 , the most anticipated party of the season, returns another summer to infect ourselves your desire to have fun. It could be defined as a continuous and constant party where all the top people of Spain go. Desalia 2023 Will last 5 days and will take place in Benidorm, mythical town of the Costa Blanca, which will be in itself a trip full of color, music and a lot of fun.

The 4 gossip on desalia 2023

There are many Influencers and streamers who do not want to lose the edition of this festival that will take place in Benidorm. If Dulceida is one of the most faithful and recognized faces of Ron Barceló’s experience, this May will have fun as many colleagues (and friends) as Luc Loren, Lalachus, Claudia Martínez , Noel Bayarri , Michenlo, Paula Gonu and Anabel Pantoja .

As a novelty, this edition will have a Streaming carried out by the best known faces of Twitch as Werlyb, Reven or Aryitt , Those who have already become familiar with the city described that Ron Barceló has created in Minecraft and will broadcast from a Stage Stage everything that happens there, which will not be little. >

As for music, they will have María Becerra as the head of the poster. There are many confirmed artists who will make us enjoy without rest, including DJ Paul Alone and pole . Of course, without leaving behind the faithful like Michenlo and Luc Loren, along with a surprise artist whose name will be revealed right there.

We assume that Desalia 2023 promises to be the most iconic of all its editions. Therefore, Ron Barceló has reported that the 5 days will culminate with the party with more international fame, Bresh x desalia , in which their Attendees will not be revealed until the Last moment but that, as usual, will have the greatest successes of reggaeton and Latin pop. Does anyone feel like enjoying the experience?

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