Everything related to Cansu Dere is mysterious, like this fire caused by its cats before disappearing.

Since last January, the Turkish actress Taly dere of the series ‘unfaithful’, is missing and although initially it seemed that she was organizing food in a help center, it turned out that the girl who appeared in the photos and Videos with the red cap was not her or at least, we have no confirmation that he would have been there.

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That this and after verifying that Tentu Dere More than a month ago that does not interact with its 2.6 million followers, we have been investigating and we have met with An accident which could have been the origin of the Disappearance of tired of the public landscape.

A fire at Cansu Dere’s house was the origin of his disappearance.

At first it was pointed out that The culprits of the fire at Cansu Dere’s house were their cats who threw A burning candle , which caused deflagration. The house of Tired Dere began to burn and when the firefighters arrived, the only thing left in the House were the cats affected by smoke inhalation but no trace of the Turkish actress.

Cansu got rid of the fire

According to the manager of Cansu Dere, The actress was not at home at the time of the fire, but also clarified that the cause of the fire was not a candle lying by the cats but A spark from a cable which caused the house to burn.

From that precise day, Tentu Dere Is missing without having any track of his whereabouts, which has all Very concerned about it . He has not spoken in his social networks about the earthquake that has ravaged the south of Turkey and Syria and has not appeared on the telemarathon to which the practice all of the Turkish actors went to pick up the phone to all those who wanted to donate about it.

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