The first semifinal of Eurovision has left the bar very high and with some surprise of those that the Eurofans like so much.

Eurovision 2023 already has its top ten classified countries for the grand final of Saturday, apart from the ‘Big Five’ and Ukraine . Fifteen artists have participated in the first semifinal of Eurovision, although only the ten most voted have achieved the coveted pass. Croatia, Moldova, Switzerland, Finland, Czechia, Israel, Portugal, Sweden, Serbia and Norway thus join Spain, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and Ukraine, the current champion, in the appointment of the May 13.

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Loreen , the winner of Eurovision in 2012 who represents Sweden this year with Tattoo, is among the finalists, just like Käärijä (cha cha cha), the Finland flag. They meet the forecasts, which place them as the Great favorites to get the victory this Saturday.

Unexpected favorites in the first Eurovision semifinal

Apart from the two favorites confirmed in the ranking (Sweden and Finland) there were some countries that left the public with the Open mouth and that of course nobody expected as, for example:


Every Eurovision edition has its Diva, and this year’s is called Noa Kirel . The Israeli representative has made a hole in the end of Saturday thanks to an action measured to the millimeter. Apart, we have surprised us with a dress accompanied by a Pyrotechnics outbreak with which he has completed his performance. Israel has shown that, at least this time, Is more .

Chanel, en el pensamiento de muchos tras ver la actuación de Israel en la  primera semifinal de Eurovisión | Música | LOS40


The Queen of Kings will fight for her crown in the grand final, but at the moment the first Semifinal of Eurovision 2023 has successfully passed. Alessandra has been in charge of opening the 67th edition of the contest, And unlike last year, the Norwegian has achieved the classification. Alessandra’s performance maintains an important improvement in Lighting and realization . With a Crown on his head , he has stepped on the Liverpool stage, empowered and the attitude of a real winner.

Luis Fuster on Twitter: "Llevamos ocho canciones de #Eurovision 2023 y ya  hay cuatro que son candidatas a escalar a lo más alto. Qué añazo se está  cociendo 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 España, Noruega, Eslovenia


Of one thing we are sure and that is that Moldova has devastated. Pasha Parfeni returns to Eurovision in style with Soarele if Luna, a song that presents a variety of ethnic rhythms, and that captures the pure essence of culture and folklore Moldavian. The Moldavia representative evokes a ceremonial ritual and makes it unique with a poetic and evocative staging in which two lovers profess their love: “the sun and the moon will hold our wedding crown” ,, says the chorus of the song.

Moldavia - Pasha Parfeni en la Semifinal 1 | Eurovisión 2023

We will see how the Second semifinal of Eurovision, but what we are sure is that this year there is a lot of level: it is leaving us speechless.

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