Evra Köseoğlu died, the famous Turkish influencer who has been fighting Progeria’s disease since the day he was born.

The 17 -year -old Evra Köseoğlu family Announced the news of his death in his official social networks account. of life in its YouTube channel with more than 300000 subscribers for almost 5 years. Evra has fought indeed Against Progeria or also known ‘Benjamin Button’s disease’ without surrendering until the last moment, but the disease has won the battle.

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Actress Zeynep Özkaya announced Evra’s death with this sense Message: “We lost to Evra. She rests in peace, my angel heart. I’m glad our paths have crossed. I will never forget you and your beautiful heart. ”

The story of Evra Köseoğlu

Evra Köseoğlu, who has produced content for more than 5 years for his 372 thousand followers for his “Eğlence Tüneli” channel of YouTube, was 17 years old. Known for being Leo, Evra’s favorite color was pink. Evra, was born in the city of Rize but currently lived in Istanbul.

What is Progenia, the disease that has killed Evra?

Proggeria, also known as ‘Benjamin Button’ from the first two years of life. Adapted from the story published in 1922 by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the 2008 film called ‘The curious case of Benjamin Button’ deals with this deadly disease in a fantastic atmosphere.

Children who are born with this disease generally Seem normal at birth and in early childhood, but symptoms such as Slow growth and hair loss begin to appear During the first year.

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Children with Progeria Grow more slowly than other children and do not develop at the same rate; They develop a characteristic facial appearance, such as Saltones eyes , a thin nose with beak tip, thin lips and a small chin. This state of intellectual development does not affect the development of motor skills such as walking. In most children with Progeria, whose average life expectancy is about 13 years, heart problems or strokes are the Main cause of death as it has happened to little Evra .

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