Demet Özdemir’s ex -husband, singer Oguzhan Koç, celebrated a concert and also his 38th birthday. And it was a bittersweet celebration: he left a message with recovers for his ex and, throughout the concert, especially during a song, he put himself on the edge of the tear.

Who happens worse in a divorce? Well, of course. But it gives the feeling that In this case is being Oguzhan Koç the main victim. The singer and already ex -husband of Demet Özdemir, who is touring his country, gave a concert and the words he wanted to pronounce he was choked.

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The dramatic phrase pronounced by Demet Özdemir’s ex -husband when blowing the candles

Not eight months ago they enjoyed their honeymoon and now everything is over. In the concert he gave, they put a huge cake. Oguzhan Koç, after blowing the candles, said: “may God not separate lovers.”

There have already been comments on networks that call it Used. whatever, it was not the only time when the artist had a regular one …

A song that cost you to interpret

But the worst moment came when Beni İyi Healthy had to interpret, which comes to mean something like “think that I am fine”, and that he speaks of a love break and how badly the one who interprets it is happening. Strong>“They didn’t ask me if I cried / they think I’m fine, they think I’m fine. / ‘You forget in two days’. / They say his name, / I will not forget it, ”says part of the letter. Uuuuufffff.

Oguzhan, llegando el pasado 8 de mayo a los juzgados.

At that time, the tears went to their throat and, they say those present, the ex -husband of Demet Özdemir Broke. we imagine that it had to be a really complicated moment.

And meanwhile, Demet is still happy

In parallel, Demet Özdemir continues with his life. while Adim Farah, The series that stars, is broadcast in her country, she would be, according to the Turkish media, starting a beautiful love story precisely with her partner in the series, inyin Akyürek. Is this the reason why Oguzhan Koç could not even sing in conditions last Sunday?

Fans de Demet Özdemir y Engin Akyürek
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