Attention because Famma League has been created to face Tiktokers, Streamers, actors, singers and influencers that will be the direct competition of Ibai. We tell you.

Eye Eye, that this new fighting championship between content creators will not be boxing but mMa or what is the same Mixed martial arts . This fighting format will be carried out within a fence Strong>As is ‘The evening of the year 2023’ which a few weeks ago announced its participants among which are the biggest of the homeland influencers.

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This is the Famma League, the sporting event that will make the competition to ‘The evening of the year’ by Ibai

According to his own statement, on March 12, all the details of this new sporting event in which Tiktokers, Instagramers, singers, youtubers, actors, actors and all that celebration that was celebrated that it was dare to get into the octagon. Of course, for now there are only 2, but it seems that more names will be added over time.

FaMMA League

Who will participate in Famma League?

At the moment 2 very reputed influencers have already been revealed in our country such as Ibelky, Lola Lolita’s boyfriend who treasures 6 million followers on Tiktok who will face against SevenEx , another of the most important influencers with almost 4 and a half million followers in Tiktok.

Taking into account that the MMA is a type of sport that enjoys great popularity in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Poland, Czech Republic or Romania, we can expect the Fammaleague give a lot to talk in our country.

Famma League is precedent in the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom for example, it has been celebrating a very similar something called Celebmma and that starts competing at the 16 television stars that have appeared in several realities such as ‘Big Brother’ or ‘Love Island’ and that it has achieved such relevance that every year is celebrated in the Wembley Arena that has a capacity for 90,000 spectators.

In the case of Famma League we have no more data. We do not know who the organizer is and we do not know if women will also participate and much less the place, the date, the retransmission medium or the number of participants, but from today we already tell you that We will be there to see it in the front row.

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