Is there desire to see Hande Erçel in black pearl? Well, you don’t have to wait any longer: tonight, at 22:45, this magnificent story of frustrated loves, power and revenge that will remind you of the promised princess begins.

los dos protagonistas de Perla negra, Hande Erçel y Tolgahan Sayisman, mirándose a los ojos
Pese a la oposición de su familia, Hazal decide casarse con Kenan. Pero algo romperá en mil pedazos su amor.

Forget for a moment of Eda, because Hazal arrives. The two are the same actress, yes, but you will know the second from tonight. It is Hande Erçel in Pearl black, a beautiful (and painful) Love and revenge story starring the aforementioned actress and by Tolgahan Sayisman.

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Hande Erçel in Black Pearl arrives two months late

We already talked about this premiere in February and the forecast was then it was to release it imminently, but in the end It has been delayed until almost the month of May.

The story, divided into 20 chapters, tells us the love story between Hazal and Kenan, a fisherman who gets for the love of his life a coveted black pearl. When they are about to marry, a rich businessman, he crosses Hajal while he drives and Becomes obsessed with her from that moment. Why?

The double role of Hande Erçel in Black Pearl: Hazal and Naz

It turns out that Vural sees in Hazal the living reincarnation of Naz, the woman he welcomed. They are like two drops of water. What nobody knows is that Vural killed Naz when he tried to abandon him. In flashbacks to the history of this marriage, we will see Hande in his other role.

Vural deceives Hazal to end up forcing her to marry him, something that the girl tries to flee. Kenan believes that he has abandoned him, but will end up allying with Naz’s brother to find It happened.

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Available in Divinity as of Monday, April 24

Black pearl begins to broadcast Monday at 10:45 p.m. A new opportunity to see Hande Erçel in a series that, unfortunately, could not go beyond the 20 chapters. There was much talk about why and, while its protagonists defended that the story had no more route once the plot there. In any case, a wonderful series for all Hande fans that we are looking forward to.

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