When you find out about your level of generosity you will fall in love even more. Look at Can Yaman’s donation that came out of her own pocket.

All Italy has surrendered to the piles of Turkish actor Can Yaman. The actor who since landed in Italian lands s Has tricked successes at the work level as ‘Viola eats il mare’ or now the series ‘El Turco’, has just earned the heart of the Italians with the donation that has made Of his own pocket.

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el donativo de Can Yaman

We already tell you that with its perfume ‘Mania’ a part of the proceeds would go to children’s hospitals and the promised is debt. Can Yaman has raised a total of 90,000 euros that added to others Help children admitted to children’s hospitals and for the Ukrainian children with Down syndrome that Italy had hosted because of the war.

Immediately on social networks a rumor ran like the wind to become a clamor that hid a resounding request: “A statue must be put to Can Yaman”

While social media users agree with the theme of the statue, its location, material and artist that carries it out, we were left with the important of the news: the donation of Can Yaman has reached us to the soul. Can Yaman is a special being . Kind, good and sensitive to the problems of others. Can Yaman is a gift which we can enjoy in every action that he performs and yes, we also want a statue …

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