Sure they have told you that Rosa and his friends the extriunfitos sang ‘Europe’s Livin A Celebration’ and defined the beast. Well look at it you are going to freak out.

Last Friday, we assist stunned at the start of the ‘Mediafest Night Fever’ dedicated to Rosa López or also known as Rosa de España, winner of the first edition of Operation Triunfo.

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desastrosa actuación de Rosa López en el 'Mediafest'

The program promised until it started with the interpretation of ‘Europe’s Livin A Celebration’ , a classico that cannot be missing at any party and song that represented us in Eurovision in 2012.

Well, several of the extriunphites that wanted to accompany Rosa during the program appeared on stage. There were Ainhoa Cantalapiedra (‘OT 2002’), Vicente Seguí (‘ot 2003’) and Mario Álvarez (‘OT 2009’), The music began and the suffering began.

From the first stanza of the song, something seemed to go wrong. None of the interpreters managed to refine, everyone sang in a different tone than the song and the thing worsened quite quite when Rosa López appeared. “I bleed my ears,” someone on Twitter came to snoop and rightly.

Here you have the full song so that you know what we are talking about (We do not take responsibility for the damage that your eardrum can cause ).

A disaster by all those who interpreted it but being fair, Ainhoa Cantalapiedra of ‘Ot’ 2002 was the one that was most heard and the one that coincidentally Was more defined of all. P>

A ‘tweet’ even compared them to a “group of drunk friends in a karaoke”

Ainhoa defends himself from his disastrous performance, attacking.

And of course, they gave them so many wax in networks, that Ainhoa had to defend himself with these words:

“With the Little goodness , care and Empathy that we receive the singers from the networks (especially Twitter), singing live Most of us constipated or With allergy with only 2 rapid sound test Sing something you don’t know … Tired of having to justify us and excuse a Challenge , a minimum error ”

“I had been looking forward to this moment. I did it for OT fans, by Eurovision fans, it is the minimum they have always deserved and we could never give them. So Being bad of constipated risk , and what if I didn’t give some perfect notes at the end! It is a responsibility that falls on many, but we only pay those in front of the camera. But we have to live with it. How easy it is to make fun of and complain to hide behind the networks or after a means of communication, after 1 voice manipulated or after a false firm. We artists are the true brave ones who go out to the ring despite everything and for all of you. Lxs perrxs are going to bark, let’s do what we do, hoping to feed on any failure on our part. Dearxs haters, you want or not, you speak for us (human beings). Quierasa or not, we are working on music and TV, what we like, ”said the artist.

And Rosa returned to give another skating live

“Benidorm Fest” , an incomprehensible skating since Rosa seemed that he did not know the name of the program to which he had come to act.

A gold brooch for the disastrous performance of Rosa López in the ‘Mediafest’ on a night in which everything that could go wrong, went wrong.

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