We just found out of the reason for the disappearance of Can Yaman and you don’t even imagine the reason.

An interview conducted by the Digital Blasting News to the Italian journalist of Alessandro Rosica who tells us how the labor, emotional and personal situation of the Turkish actor is.

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What is happening with Can Yaman?

The latest news of the actor were a series of scenes in which he could be seen practicing with his horse or next to the action doubles, fighting scenes that would later be incorporated into the series ‘The Turk’ that He is being shot in Budapest and where according to his own words, he feels alone and trapped in a prison as we tell you in Crush.News.

The latest and very strange has been its Complete disappearance of social networks just at the time when an earthquake swept the south of Turkey and part of Syria, occasion that Would have been Ideal to give some words of support or launch some help initiative but instead, has decided to stay silent.

In the interview for Blasting News, journalist Alessandro Rosica comments that in the life of Can Yaman There is no distraction . He has no girlfriend but what is happening is that Can Yaman has decided until recently.

Alessandro also commented: “Can is a boy who is living his fame in Italy and he is having to face Bride determined to take a break to enjoy his life, ”said Alessandro.

“Can Yaman is single and that’s safe. He has fun and goes out with his friends to do what everyone does: drink glasses and smoking. ”

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Can Yaman is very worried about his father

Alessandro also said: “Can Yaman is divided between her family and work and at this time she is very close to her father who is not at her best since she has problems with alcohol,” Rosica revealed. >

We now understand the disappearance of ‘The Turk’ who not only has to deal with the intense working days but also has Attend to his father with the big addiction problem he has. /p>

Can Yaman, we want your father To recover soon , that you just recorded ‘the Turk’ and that your life calms so that you return to Italy and continue with the filming of ‘Viola Come Il Mare 2 ‘In Peace.

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