Although she continues to take very small steps on her own with Hakan Sabanci, there is a detail in an image that has made us suspect that Hande Erçel is already promised with Hakan Sabanci, and that such a thing would have happened at the beginning of month. EYE TO THE DATA.

The relationship between Hande Erçel and Hakan Sabanci continues its course; So much, that there are founded suspicions to think that it is promised. All alarms have shot when a photo hung a few days ago has begun to look more closely Et voilà, we have seen the same thing as some of their fans: that there is a Commitment ring hidden in the image.

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A ring that transparent envivates the suspicion that Hande Erçel is already promised

They don’t have been together for a year, but the thing goes very seriously. So it is often rumors around a possible wedding. There were even those who commented that this summer, part of which they will pass up to a luxurious yacht, would give the great news to the media.

For summer it is little; Therefore, perhaps, more and more people look at small details that make us think that this moment is about to happen. In fact, On June 4 Hande uploaded some photos in which (for varying) he was very cute of total death:

The photos went unnoticed several days (beyond what was said, that it is gorgeous as always), Until yesterday several fans began to look at a detail of this photo:

Do you see it? We mark it with a red circle:

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Indeed: it is a ring that has been removed and saved in a pocket so that it is not seen in the images it has hung. And Why was anyone to remove a ring if it weren’t because that ring sends a very direct message?

Hande’s denial that nobody believes

When asked about the detail, the actress reacted saying she was a Lipstick. ok. How many people have a lipstick that clearly looks like a ring? I don’t know, huh? It doesn’t strain much, Hande …

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