Were Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel and now another couple of actors of the series ‘Love is in the air’ break their relationship. We tell you everything.

As if it were a curse, now it was the turn of another actress of ‘Love is in the air’, specifically to Bige Önal who played Selin, the enemy of Eda (Hande Erçel) in the series and that he was coming next to Bulut Iynemli, protagonist of ‘içerde’.

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The two have separated After seven years of relationship according to statements made to the press at the exit of a meal with friends in Ethyler: “We have broken and right now we are in a very situation sensitive. Aras will always remain someone very important for me but we were incompatible. ” After these statements Bige Önal told us: “If you forgive me, I have to leave you because I have a job interview in a chain.”

In 2021 they already suffered a hard crisis

Bige Önal and Aras Bulut already suffered a crisis in the year 2021 that they managed to overcome until today, at which time the relationship did not give more of themselves and that the couple took the opportunity to take each separate paths.

According to the rumors of the Turkish digital ones, The reason for the couple’s separation seems to be An infidelity From sour to big at the time harder for her since months before she had to say goodbye to her father who died from a stroke.

After this incident, the couple decided To give a new opportunity , but only a few months later, the two have communicated that their relationship was Totally broken . The fans of ‘Love Is in the Air’ took the opportunity to remember something that seems to affect the protagonists of the series such as the curse that That none of the couples that have left the series have come out, they last more that some Few months.

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The curse of ‘Love is in the air’

We have to remember that the reason for the rupture of the two protagonists of ‘Love is in the air’, Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel is also rumored that it was an infidelity by Kerem to Hande, as has happened between Bige Önal and Bulut sarters, which Further increases the urban legend that The series curses all the couples who leave it.

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