Are Hankers angry with the prota of ‘Love is in the air’? Well, judging by the hard criticism Kerem Bürsin we have found, that seems. These are the reasons.

Hande se salva, pero a Kerem le dan duro.

When we were already dreaming of the reconciliation of the most beautiful couple in the world, this comes to us. There are two factions inside the Hankers, that group of fans that continues to fucking Kerem and Hande: one dreams of returning; The other Does not support the man in which the mythical Serkan has become. Why? Well … we have seen a lot of very hard criticism of Kerem Bürsin and there are several reasons. Judge yourself.

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The bitter criticism of Kerem Bürsin have to do with their physique, but also with their way of being

On Twitter, a user commented: “The beautiful Serkan of the series will never be the same. The real bursin kerem does not resemble that of the series at all, Is deteriorated. therefore the beauty that he himself believes he has lost it. The woman who was lost will never know. ”

After this, replicas to the tweet went in all directions. But mainly they pointed in two: one, that Kerem did not know how to take care of Hande and that’s why the relationship ended. Another, that Serkan, who was a tremendously attractive man, has become a Knead of muscles and has lost a lot of charm.

They accuse him of retouched aesthetically!

To top ”

Por escenas como ésta, Love is in the ai, censurada
¿A vosotros os parece que se retoca?

Of course, they put it through the clouds: Generous woman, with a giant heart, with impressive values … the fans of the actress have the feeling that Kerem cheated her and said she said in love with her when she wasn’t. But what horror! What do you think?

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